Wasif | 20 | Toronto

my mom is teaching me how to sew while i tell her about all the gossip i learned today

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i think i’m officially one of the most boring people ever.

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i never realized how much of a jerk i am till i met some genuinely nice guys

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i’ve somehow managed to push myself away from the only people who actually liked me.

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still texting someone even after they are already 100% done with you at the time

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along the grand canal in venice

finally got a million notes on a post tho

"   I don’t think we die all at once.
I think we die in pieces
That people take from us and don’t nourish
In pieces of time waiting
In “what ifs”
I don’t think we die at once
I think we die in parts
And we die in people that don’t love us back   "
To be continued (via halalporn)

do people still like gifs

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this girl is complaining that no one will hire her because she’s a “white caucasian”

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tbt eid