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this girl is complaining that no one will hire her because she’s a “white caucasian”

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tbt eid

if you like guys who cry thinking about how much they love their moms then hmu

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i don’t like telling people my goals or things i’m working on. i’d much rather just be like BAM! when i’m done and no one was expecting it.

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i’m not sure if i’ve actually gotten hotter or just that my self confidence has gone up

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i regret everything i do literally one second after i do it

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Multnomah Falls in Oregon 

Q: thanks to your beautiful gifs, i now have cool live wallpapers in my phone! i hope you'll never stop making them because all of them amazes me :)

thank you so much! to be honest, i’ve always wanted to use them for that purpose. they fit my phone screen perfectly, but it won’t play them unfortunately. i’m glad you were able to use them for that though.

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Q: Would your parents/you be okay with you marrying someone who wasn't indian or muslim?

Well in regards to whether my parents would be okay with it, yeah as long as the person was Muslim it’d be fine. I mean ideally my mother would like me to marry an Indian girl, but that’s cause she thinks the cultural difference would be a problem. The thing is though for the most part, I’m a lot more in tune with western culture anyway. I guess you could say I’m pretty ‘white-washed’. So someone being from a different place wouldn’t matter all that much to me. In fact, it’d be kinda nice to have a mix (that’s not to say it wouldn’t be cool to not have a mix either though).

That leads into the second part, which is yeah I’d be perfectly fine marrying someone who wasn’t Indian. As for not being Muslim though, I think that’s something that would be too important to me not to share with someone I’d want to be with. I mean I’ve thought about it before. Heck I went through a phase where I watched every interfaith Muslim wedding video I could find. At the end of the day though, Islam is at the centre of my life and I’d want for it to grow with my marriage.

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