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Anonymous asked: Would your parents/you be okay with you marrying someone who wasn't indian or muslim?

Well in regards to whether my parents would be okay with it, yeah as long as the person was Muslim it’d be fine. I mean ideally my mother would like me to marry an Indian girl, but that’s cause she thinks the cultural difference would be a problem. The thing is though for the most part, I’m a lot more in tune with western culture anyway. I guess you could say I’m pretty ‘white-washed’. So someone being from a different place wouldn’t matter all that much to me. In fact, it’d be kinda nice to have a mix (that’s not to say it wouldn’t be cool to not have a mix either though).

That leads into the second part, which is yeah I’d be perfectly fine marrying someone who wasn’t Indian. As for not being Muslim though, I think that’s something that would be too important to me not to share with someone I’d want to be with. I mean I’ve thought about it before. Heck I went through a phase where I watched every interfaith Muslim wedding video I could find. At the end of the day though, Islam is at the centre of my life and I’d want for it to grow with my marriage.

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sometimes i wish i could just have a blank canvas of myself and make myself the person i want to be.

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Anonymous asked: Where r u you form? Like your ethnicity?

indian, more specifically hyderabadi.

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Anonymous asked: What is it about 'her' that you like so much?

That’s a hard question to answer really. I mean I could just say “everything”, but she deserves more than just a generic answer. I like her because of small things such as the way she gets excited over stuff. As well as bigger things like how she makes me feel extremely comfortable and open around her. I like her because I can tell her the most random and weird things, chill anywhere and have a good time as long as she’s with me, and say stupid jokes and she’d still laugh. The way she still smiles and brings a positive energy even through everything, encourages me to do good things like praying or studying, and appreciates all the small things I try and do for her. Plus other random qualities like how great the way she dresses is, her interests, her text post making skills lol. Seriously I could go on and on about her, but I’ll cut it short. I guess the most important thing is that she makes me really happy.

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She has such a beautiful smile masha’Allah. Every time I see it or even think about, I can’t help but get the biggest smile myself. It probably helps that she has the most beautiful lips too masha’Allah.

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i feel bad for my female friends who have to constantly hear about her

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Half of me
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Half of me

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i say i hate everyone but in reality i only really hate myself

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the dumb thing is that i’m not even sad about anything

i’m always just super depressed for no reason